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At Hightowers Petroleum Co., we know energy. Our innovative Focused Energy Model is designed to minimize energy spend, maximize energy efficiencies and optimize your company’s success by having a trusted single source manage all of your energy requirements.


When it comes to your fueling needs, we know there’s no “One Size Fits All” solution. That’s why we offer a vast and virtually limitless array of branded and unbranded conventional fuels, as well as renewable fuels, natural gas, propane, and lubricants. We’ve spent decades strengthening alliances with globally-recognized refineries who supply us with branded and unbranded products, so we can provide you with all the major grades of Gas, Diesel, and Jet Fuel.


Crude oil, a natural fossil fuel, is the building block for several commonly used energy sources including the gas and diesel that is the primary commodity behind HPC’s downline distribution business. Crude oil in its refined state is also used to create an array of petrochemicals that are used to manufacture thousands of daily use products. Today, HPC is delivering crude cargos on a monthly basis.

Hightowers Petroleum Company has a crude trading platform built on firm relationships with producers and refineries nationally and globally. HPC provides distribution solutions for many different producers and work with transporters with tailored shipments. 


The U.S. is producing the world's largest reserves of natural gas and oil than any other country. The international demand for U.S. LNG and oil has risen, driven by quality and price, making it a net producer (exporter) of natural gas and crude oil.

HPC has developed direct relationships with suppliers, buyers, and traders anticipating advancement in the market. HPC has access to LNG producers and carriers with the ability to offer spot charters, as well as long term contracts with major suppliers within the US and globally.


DEF can increase fuel efficiency, decrease equipment downtime, and lower maintenance expenses. We use DEF suitable for all OEM equipment utilizing SCR technology to meet global EPA NOx reduction standards, and have access to 35 labs for testing DEF quality and concentration through our product partners. 


Hightowers Petroleum Co.  provides premium quality fuel additives for multiple applications. These additives extend engine and component life, increase fuel economy and improve overall engine efficiency and performance in all types of engines.

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