Hightowers' team is your single source for fuel, DEF and natural gas. We hold supply positions  on terminals across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. With decades of experience and relationships, the Hightowers team is ready to work personally with you to supply or deliver fuel with custom options.


    • Complete North American Fuel Supply

    • Consolidated Billing

    • Fuel Tank and Quality Testing

    • Contract and Fixed Pricing

    • 24/7 Dispatch and Customer Support

    • Mobile Refueling

    • Full Line of Gasoline and Distillate Additives

    • Bulk DEF Solutions

    • Emergency Response and Preparedness Program

    • US’s Largest Diverse Energy Supplier


    Bulk fueling offers savings versus having employees fill at retail fueling stations.


    Retail margins are no longer relevant as you are purchasing wholesale "rack" product where the pipeline delivers throughout the U.S.

    Eliminates drive time to and from retail locations saving on drivers’ hours and increasing efficiency.​


    We understand without your fuel, your company does not run.  Having direct access to our 24/7 dispatch team guarantees your fuel is delivered when you request it.

    We have over 175 carrier partners across the US to guarantee our customers are covered in any event, whether it’s a natural disaster or you use more fuel than projected.  We have guaranteed service to insure your company will continue to operate regardless of external conditions.


    We have the ability to price products based on your regional economics.  By indexing our cost to the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), we are able to offer pricing most relevant to your operation.

    This consistency gives you a benchmark to audit our pricing daily so you know precisely the source of your cost versus a volatile retail station with unknown margins and costs.


    Hightowers Petroleum also has the ability to install tank monitoring devices. This allows us to watch your tank levels so you can do what you do best and not worry about when to order your fuel.

    We utilize systems from Veeder-Root, RiOS, and Centeron.


    By allowing us to monitor your tanks, we can also optimize the deliveries to help lower the indexed based pricing number we require and allow us to watch current market conditions making sure you are getting a delivery on the right side of a price change.


    ​We have solutions which are minimal in cost, and give you the opportunity to get the same data points you receive with a credit card, right at your back door.


    RiOS is a brand of ours which allows our customers to attain much needed reporting information at a very reasonable price.

    • RiOS Fuel Cloud has the ability to run customer specific reports as needed to fit their operations.

    • This system can designate which driver is pulling from which tank with the specific detail behind it as well.

    • The fuel cloud system’s pump is activated right from your smart phone or tablet device.


    We have nationwide access and ability to deliver bulk fuel service to all your locations.


    If you have multiple vendors, Hightowers Petroleum can help consolidate to a single source solution as a commodity supply chain management for your bulk fuel requirements.


    This also allows you the ability to leverage and aggregate all your fuel spend to one supplier, allowing you to gain the most competitive offer available.


    Hightowers Petroleum Company is a full service energy provider specializing in the petroleum industry.  We understand the importance of gaining a strong understanding of each of our customers’ businesses to insure we exceed their expectations. 


    Some of our top customers are Fortune 100 companies.  We have SOPs in place for each customer’s delivery, guaranteeing they each continue to operate as expected with ZERO opportunity for error.


    We are also ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management, OSHA 18001:2007 for Health & Safety Systems, and EPA Smart Way certified.

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