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About Hightowers Petroleum Co.

Over 58 Years of Business Excellence

Stephen “Steve” Hightower founded Hightowers Petroleum Co. in 1982, continuing a family legacy of entrepreneurism that began in 1957 with the establishment of the family’s cornerstone business.


From those humble beginnings and through persistence, drive and determination, Steve methodically began to grow his wholesale fuel distribution business into an energy solutions enterprise that today is recognized throughout North America for its customer service, integrity, creative fuel distribution model and expert handling of complex upstream and downstream issues.


“Our success as a business was, is and will always be dependent on delivering the RIGHT energy solutions for every single ONE of our customers.”

Stephen L. Hightower, President & CEO,
Hightowers Petroleum Co.

Yudell Hightower (left), founder of the family’s first business in 1957, with his wife, Elsie and son, Stephen, Founder, President & CEO of Hightowers Petroleum Co.

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