When disaster strikes, shutting down the power grid and your company’s operations, you’re faced with two choices: scramble to come up with a game plan in the eleventh hour, or mobilize your trusted emergency fuel supplier. Throughout the U.S., we have over 175 partners on call 24/7, so when an emergency arises we are on site within 24 hours of the call to manage impacted areas.

We provided our services to aid recovery during disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Katrina, and the North Carolina Polar Vortex.



    We have over 200 carrier partners throughout the US we utilize for our emergency fueling platform.


    We have the capabilities to bring in carriers from outside locations to manage impacted areas.


    We are on call 24/7 so when an emergency arises they are on site within 24 hours of the call.


    You have the option to retain our services which guarantees first-response service for all impacted locations.

    You are guaranteed the service standards commitment in our contract agreements.

    There are different levels based on the needs of each specific entity and can be tailored as needed by your operation's requirements.


    We have the ability to offer on-site solutions with rolling stock that will be staged at a site-specific location. 

    These are normally data center locations, hospitals, etc. where a power blackout is not an option.


    Our partners have trained personnel available for these situations to guarantee product is delivered as needed.


    With our nationwide partners, we can give you options to stage tanks with 48 hours of notice.


    We can stage tanks from 500 gallons to 10,000 gallons.


    We have technology integration we can utilize to keep track of your fueling by asset/by driver.


    During emergency situations there have been times where our customers did not have interest in asset based staging options and have requested direct fills. 


    We can provide direct to asset fueling as well where the trucks will drive through and fill at the customer's location on a scheduled or as-needed basis.


    We have also done this for life-saving personnel such as utilities companies, hospitals, and universities to make sure their vehicles were fueled and able to make it back and forth to work.


    RioS allows users to track and control every gallon in their on-site tanks.


    Cloud-based software which enables inventory tracking as well as driver/asset control.


    Real-time transaction reports.

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