Nearly all gasoline sold in America today includes a renewable fuel additive made from corn. Ethanol is used to increase the octane level of gasoline, oxygenate the fuel and reduce air pollution. Preserving our earth’s Resources is a responsibility we all share.


Our customers share our concerns too. More and more they are turning To us for alternative fuel solutions in part because of their own commitment to reduce emissions and also because of expanding government regulation surrounding the use of alternative fuels.


We offer a spectrum of ethanol blends and biodiesel blends.

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Biodiesel can be used in all conventional diesel engines. It delivers similar performance and engine durability as petroleum diesel and requires virtually no changes in fuel-handling and delivery systems.


It can be used in its pure form or blended in any ratio with petroleum diesel. The blend is particularly advantageous since it means biodiesel can be stored and dispensed wherever petroleum diesel is.


A blend of 20% biodiesel, known as B20 is a significantly cleaner fuel than petroleum diesel. Burning 100% biodiesel, known as B100 or "neat" biodiesel, reduces emissions considerably.


Hightowers Petroleum Co. can provide any level of blending required by our customers from B1 (1%) to B100 (100%) biodiesel.


Ethanol is a renewable, domestically produced alcohol fuel made from plant material, such as corn, sugar cane, or grasses.


Using ethanol can reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. Hightowers Petroleum will provide the various levels of ethanol required E10 and E15.  E10 and E15 are blends of ethanol and gasoline—the number after the "E" indicates the percentage of ethanol by volume.


 Most of the gasoline sold in the U.S. contains up to 10% ethanol—the amount varies by region—and all auto manufacturers approve blends up to E10 in their gasoline vehicles.


Hightowers Petroleum Co. can also provide E85, also called flex fuel, is an ethanol-gasoline blend containing 51% to 83% ethanol, depending on geography and season summer blends tend to have more ethanol while winter blends have less and can be used in Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs,) which are specially designed to run on gasoline, E85, or any mixture of the two.

Hightowers Petroleum Co. 3577 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH 45005, 513-423-4272

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