When it comes to your fueling needs, we know there’s no “One Size Fits All” solution.


That’s why we offer a vast and virtually limitless array of branded and unbranded conventional fuels, as well as renewable fuels, natural gas, propane, lubricants and greases.


We’ve spent decades strengthening alliances with globally-recognized refineries who supply us with branded and unbranded products, so we can provide you with all the major grades of:


Additional products, Fuel Additives, Crude Oil, Fluids, Greases, Lubricants, Hightowers Petroleum Co. 3577 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH 45005,




Hightowers Petroleum Co. can provide the various lubricants, Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, Castrol as well as private label branded products for your every need.  Whether for equipment, vehicles, tools, bearings or machinery.


Hightowers has your products. These can be packages from the smallest to any bulk requirements.

 Hightowers Petroleum Co. has the resources to supply the various crude products, WTI, Brent, Bakken as well as Canadian through domestic and international purchase agreements.  Specs/assays are provided on all products


Hightowers Petroleum Co.  provides premium quality fuel additives for multiple applications.


These additives extend engine and component life, increase fuel economy and improve overall engine efficiency and performance in all types of engines.


These fuel additive products serve various industries, OTR Trucking, Farming, Construction, Recreational, Marine, Mining and even ARCA & NASCAR.


Our fuel additives are seasonally designed for both summer and winter applications to prevent “Winter Gelling” as well as environmentally-friendly soy-based products.  Our fuel additives are also designed to extend fuel life and fuel degradation in any size storage tanks.


Hightowers Petroleum Co. will provide all of your different greases;  i.e., mixtures of mineral oils and solid materials, heavy, asphaltic-type oils blended with lighter oils, extreme-pressure greases, roll-neck greases, soap-thickened mineral oils and multi-purpose grease.


We will provide your various fluid requirements.  Transmission Fluids, Anti-Freeze, Washer & Brake Fluids.  Hightowers Petroleum can provide your every need.


Hightowers Petroleum Co. 3577 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH 45005, 513-423-4272

Hightowers Petroleum Co.

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Hightowers Petroleum Co. 3577 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH 45005, 513-423-4272